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What is Nameow?
Nameow is an online initiative providing custom brand naming for companies, products, services and organizations. We also ensure the name has a top level domain available.

How is Nameow different from domain parking companies?
Domain parking companies look for just domain names, which in most cases are mere words with little or no relevance and meaning. Whereas Nameow’s focus is in developing brand names that are unique, meaningful, easy to remember and most importantly, that has domain availability

Are the names copyright/trademark free?
Nameow doesn’t give an assurance for the copyright/trademark for the names. The customers who wish to buy the names should take care of this. However, Nameow does an extensive online study while registering the domain names. To avoid any legal issues, Nameow strongly recommends you to consult your trademark attorney before finalizing on any name. You may also do a quick search on the US Patent & Trademark website before making a decision.

How many name options do you provide?
Our initial set includes 10 unique name options. This will be followed by 2 rounds of iterations based on the client's feedback.

If I am not happy with the names you provided, will you provide a refund?
We request a 50% down payment before we start any project. This is non refundable. The balance payment can be made once you are fully happy with the chosen name.

How much do you charge for a name?
Prices vary based on the complexity of the project. To give you some ideas, our basic pricing starts at Rs.30,000 (around US$ 700).

Contact us with your complete requirement and we will be able to get you a exact pricing.

How can I trust you? Do you guys have a proper office?
Of course we do! Nameow is backed by Niyati Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a 12 year old company from Chennai, India focusing on branding, website development, print design, multimedia, software development and online marketing. Check out our corporate website at www.niyati.com.

I need a logo for my name. What’s the process?
While buying the name, add logo design services with your package. An advance amount will be charged and balance can be paid upon completing the logo design process. Learn more at our branding services page.

What if I don’t like the logo designs? Should I still pay?
No, only the advance amount would be charged.

I also need a website to be developed. Can I get a quote?
Yes! Please visit our website development page and fill the questionnaire. We will get back with a proposal for designing your website.

I have a query which is not answered above. Whom should I contact?
Write to us and be ensured of a quick reply.
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